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Nick's Rockin' Hot Sauce

In the Fall I found myself staring at a large pile of chili peppers. I was lucky enough to be the recipient of multiple friends over abundance of peppers from their gardens. They weren't the type of peppers you could just eat. They were hot, real hot. After kicking around recipe ideas I decided to make hot sauce! I had never thought to make it before, so I anticipated a challenge. The more I read the more I realized how fun this was going to be!

I started with a basic hot sauce recipe, which totally intrigued me. The next batch I divided into four to test different flavors and heat levels. Two of the flavors proved really great and after a bit of tweaking and testing I believe I'm on to something. Nick's Rockin' Hot Sauce!

JP is very mild using grilled pineapple to temper the jalapeno heat.

CH2 has moderate heat with a hint of carrot and honey to level the habanero


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