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Nick loves to cook for his friends. Nick's friends love him to cook for them. Nick's Supper Club is what happens when you trust your friend to make dinner for you and your friends.


"Let me start by confessing I am not a chef nor have I ever taken a cooking class. But I love food. I love thinking and talking about food. I love eating.

As a kid, while devouring breakfast, I would peer into my lunchbag and ask my mom what we were having for dinner. Things haven't changed much. 


Since I can remember I've always tried to recreate the fabulous entrees I've enjoyed out. For me the experience is much more than picking something off the menu, It's understanding why the chef paired certain foods. It's dissecting the ingredients and figuring out the cooking methods.

This is my personal mission.


I enjoy my friends and, funny enough, they all enjoy my cooking and my passion for cooking. Some friends call me Nicky Pots and Pans. Most laugh at how much time they must commit to when invited to taste my latest creation. My dinner parties are more a marathon grazing than sit down. Some friends even claim "I don't have guests, I take hostages". But they all show up and make me the happiest cook around."



Featured Review


Paul Rochford

Camera man, Editor, House band member

Julie Vecchio

Dishwasher, House support

Nancy MacCallum

House band member

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